Turn B2B Marketing
Data Chaos into Revenue Clarity

Use unified data you can trust to answer all your go-to-market questions,
build impactful reports, and drive efficient, predictable growth


Revenue Marketing

Transform your B2B marketing team into a revenue powerhouse.

Smash your KPIs, efficiently. See how:

Empower every marketer to

be a champion of revenue.

Build custom reports in minutes and show how every person on your team impacts pipeline and ARR.

Get a complete picture of your business growth and real ROI. Understand how each marketing activity contributes to revenue, its cost, and its impact over time.

Automatically clean and structure your online and offline marketing and sales data with business performance metrics. Create a unified and reliable data source for your entire marketing team.

See which marketing channels, campaigns, and content are driving qualified leads, creating opportunities, and ultimately generating revenue.

Build your marketing team's revenue engine. No code required.

Get started easily and see results quickly.

B2B marketing is no longer a shot in the dark

Before InfiniGrow

  • Decision-making based on simplistic analyses and opinions
  • Data silos spread across dozens of different systems
  • Manual budget management using multiple spreadsheets
  • Marketing that can’t prove its value to stakeholders
  • Marketing planning is a yearly, set-and-forget activity

After InfiniGrow

  • Decision making is based on data and analyses aimed to maximize revenue
  • One unified view of all your marketing, sales and financial data
  • Budget & performance management connected to live data
  • Quantify the impact of your marketing efforts with automatic attribution analysis
  • Continuous, iterative marketing planning based on real results and market dynamics

No more guesswork, messy reports, and vanity metrics.