Automated marketing data analysis that guides you to growth

Track user journeys, market measures, performance data, and costs. Accurately predict scenario outcomes. Adopt the marketing plan that wins.
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Let analysis, not guesswork, drive your ongoing marketing budget decisions.

Navigate marketing to GROWTH

Get clear answers to tough marketing questions – even those you hadn’t thought to ask.

Gain control of and visibility into marketing plans, investments, performance, and goals.

Prioritize channels and activities based on projected KPI impact and leads based on likelihood to convert or revenue potential.

Know how marketing impacts results

Measure the impact of every marketing activity on each KPI. Quantify the effectiveness and efficiency of each channel, campaign, and content asset.

Stop wasting resources based on hunches, and start investing in activities that are proven successful.

Quantify your results and report pipeline impact and revenue for every marketing investment.

Plan based on data

Demonstrate positive returns on marketing investment and get budgets approved.

Define constraints and assumptions in your plan, and add unanticipated variables by reviewing and selecting among AI engine-generated suggestions.

Project budgets and forecast results for new scenarios and benchmark to current commitments. Adjust plan on the fly when data indicates that results can be improved.

Get step-by-step guidance on achieving KPIs

Transform your marketing organization from a cost center into an investment center.

Continually benchmark performance against goals and know what action to take to get on track to reach them.

Explore new channel opportunities and get performance-based guidance on reallocating budgets across new and previously used channels.

Manage teams, campaigns and activities across all channels

Say goodbye to endless email threads, communication gaps, and silos. Get full visibility into team activity and accelerate approvals.

Integrate campaign planning, budget tracking, forecasts, and actual results in one place – no more juggling myriad spreadsheets!

Adjust channel and activity investments to support your objectives.

Connect to GROW

InfiniGrow features plug-and-play data integration with most major marketing applications via API, so you can seamlessly implement InfiniGrow in your current stack and consolidate data sources into one system of records.
We’re constantly adding more integrations – let us know if there’s an application that you’d like us to add!

Enhance your ABM efforts

Tie your account-based marketing (ABM) efforts to actual revenue through account level measurement and attribution. Marketers can now get clear visibility into their ABM metrics and can accurately report the ROI of their activities.

– Map Leads to Accounts

– Segment key accounts and see their funnel and results

– View accounts’ journeys across all touch points

– Link ABM activities to revenue and business impact

– Prioritize your accounts based on engagement and persona coverage

“InfiniGrow’s solution enables marketing teams to easily and smartly allocate budget using AI-driven recommendations, and to maximize performance thanks to an optimized marketing plan.”

Efrat Ravid, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at ContentSquare.

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