Automated marketing data
analysis that guides you to growth

Get real-time visibility into your data, automatically uncover the business impact of any marketing activity, and optimize your budget allocation towards the best-performing channels.

Don’t let guesswork drive your marketing

Centralize your data

Know how marketing
impacts results

Plan your marketing based
on data

Optimize your marketing budget allocation

Manage teams, campaigns and activities across all channels

Connect to GROW

InfiniGrow integrates with most major marketing applications, so you can easily connect InfiniGrow to your current marketing stack and consolidate your data sources into one place.

Enhance your ABM efforts

Tie your account-based marketing (ABM) efforts to actual revenue through account
level measurement and attribution and get clear visibility into your ABM metrics and ROI.

Map Leads to

Segment key accounts and
see their funnel and results

View accounts’ journeys
across all touch points

Link ABM activities to
revenue and business impact

Prioritize your accounts
based on engagement and
persona coverage

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