What we’re about

InfiniGrow gives you the guidance you need to meet — and exceed — marketing goals

Marketing planning today has grown too complex and is changing too fast for mere mortals to manage. Marketers like you must weigh numerous promotional options on a myriad of channels and analyze vast quantities of performance data — if it is even available. Overwhelmed and lacking methodologies to find the right marketing mix, even strategic marketers revert to best practices and guessing to — if they’re lucky — get to their goals.

That’s where InfiniGrow comes in. We put powerful technology to work on hard data to smooth your journey to marketing success. InfiniGrow enables marketing teams to reach their goals by optimally investing marketing resources across channels and activities, and quickly adapting to market shifts. The InfiniGrow artificial intelligence marketing planning platform frees you from tedious, stressful analysis efforts and empowers you to map out the best possible marketing routes to success.


Our Values



We simplify the complex.


Plan. Learn. Optimize. Repeat.


We’re all about technology in the service of people like you.


New challenges need innovative solutions. We provide them.

Our leadership team

Daniel Meler

Daniel Meler

CEO & Co-Founder

Dor Lahav

Dor Lahav

CTO & Co-Founder