Turn your attribution confusion to
clear revenue impact

Turn your attribution confusion to clear revenue impact

Showcase how each channel, campaign, and content asset impacts pipeline and revenue
using attribution data you can actually trust.


From channel effectiveness to campaign ROI, translate your raw marketing data into powerful insights

Analyze with data you can actually trust

Connect and normalize your marketing data and automatically fix any data discrepancies or errors to make it analysis-ready.

Get to know your account journeys

Get the full picture of every account, across all stakeholders and every single touchpoint and activity.

Measure the true impact of marketing

Uncover how every channel, campaign, business segment, and content asset, drives pipeline and revenue.

From a holistic view to super in-depth marketing analysis, InfiniGrow is giving us a true insight on our Marketing ROI, overall and in detail.

Claudia Freudenberg
CMO, Neptune Software

See which marketing activity actually drives pipeline

Translate your marketing
efforts into revenue

InfiniGrow connects your marketing activities to bottom-line results using attribution for performance analysis, reporting and forecasting.

[Performance Analysis]

Optimize with precision

Answer every business question in seconds, and automatically uncover optimization opportunities that will make a difference.


Reports that can make an impact

Save time and level up the Marketing team performance with personalized dashboards for each team member and purpose.


Utilize your attribution data for planning

Leverage attribution data to automatically forecast different budget scenarios outcome using InfiniGrow’s Frecaster.