Navigate your marketing to GROWTH

InfiniGrow enables marketing leaders and teams to effectively & efficiently invest their resources across all marketing channels & activities, allowing them to focus on the execution – the creative work, without worrying anymore about all the numbers and guesswork that surrounds it.

B2B Marketing Mix Optimization

A truly AI-powered marketing planning engine that will create the best marketing plans and strategies for your company, analyze performance across marketing channels and campaigns to see which investments are working and which are not, and automatically reallocate your marketing budget. Featured with the whole package to optimize your marketing planning every step of the way.

Your enterprise-level marketing strategy has arrived

With InfiniGrow’s unique artificial intelligence technology, we’ve democratized marketing. We enable B2B mid-size companies and startups worldwide to grow through incredible marketing strategies and plans that were only available for large enterprises until now.

Focus on the right channels

InfiniGrow will optimize your marketing budget for every single dollar and show you which channels are the most effective for your company, its current situation, and the right balance between them. You’ll get the most efficient marketing mix across all channels to drive your company’s results.

Show your board where the money goes

Now you’ll no longer need to argue with your CEO / CFO about the use of your marketing budget. Our platform provides the narrative for your strategy and simplifies your plan in a beautiful BI solution which enables everyone to understand it perfectly (even if they aren’t involved in marketing).

Adapt your marketing to the agile business environment

The business gets affected by all kinds of changes, and its marketing needs to be adapted accordingly. Traditional static marketing plans aren’t effective, and this is where we come in. We present to you marketing 2.0 – dynamic marketing planning. Each plan is continuously optimized based on market changes and real-time marketing results.

Quantify the effect of your marketing efforts

InfiniGrow sets expectations for each recommended channel, so you’ll know what to expect when executing or outsourcing your marketing efforts. In addition, you’ll get forecasting for marketing’s contribution to your KPIs for up to 12 months. Now you can quantify the effect of your marketing efforts on fulfilling your company’s goals.

Manage marketing campaigns like a true leader

It is about time that marketing leaders will have an appropriate framework for managing their campaigns. InfiniGrow enables you to do effective marketing campaigns management – no spreadsheets required. Create amazing campaigns briefs, collaborate with your team, focus on those that are making an impact, and manage them like a champion.

campaigns management

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