Make better decisions based on data, not guesswork.

Reach the goals you’ve defined via the best possible marketing route.
Demonstrate concrete business impact.

The marketing solution that Finance, Sales and IT rave about


As a CMO or VP Marketing, the challenges you face can seem huge. In today’s marketing landscape, leading your organization to growth is no easy task.

Your goals are ambitious, but achieving them is a stretch with the limited human and financial resources at your disposal.

With average CMO tenures dropping, you need to stay in control, be agile, and succeed. You need InfiniGrow!

How InfiniGrow Works for You

InfiniGrow gives you the guidance you need to better control your marketing performance. Now you can be the data science and finance expert you’ve always dreamed you could be.

With InfiniGrow as your marketing navigation system, you can define KPIs and reach them in the best possible way.

Predict outcomes of every action, scenario, and suggestion, so you can confidently allocate and – when needed — reallocate your marketing budget.

Avoid funding based on guesswork and herd-driven activity. Transform your marketing organization from a cost center into an investment center by knowing the return on each dollar spent.

Act with confidence, knowing that you’re optimizing your budget by investing in the right channels at the right times.

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Marketing Ops

Clean, connect, and structure online and offline marketing data with business performance metrics to create a single source of truth for your entire marketing organization.

How InfiniGrow Works for You

InfiniGrow, your marketing OS, gives you a clear, centralized view of your data with no coding needed.

As a single source of truth for marketing data, InfiniGrow automates delivery of clear answers to the critical questions marketers ask. Of course, if you want to dig deeper, you can always drill down and query raw data.

InfiniGrow lets you consolidate all relevant marketing and performance data, and integrate online and offline marketing data with business performance metrics. Track each customer journey across all touchpoints, from initial exposure to final payment.

Generate structured standardized profiles that can be queried for meaningful insights.

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Demand Gen

See which channels, campaigns , and content assets drive SQLs, opportunities and eventually, revenue.

How InfiniGrow Works for You

InfiniGrow centralizes your cost and performance data into one place, connecting it to your funnel so you can understand which channel, campaign or content piece contributes to your company’s bottom line.

Optimize your marketing activities using InfiniGrow. From comparing paid and organic channels to analyzing cross-channel campaigns and content. With InfiniGrow as your navigation system, you can create and capture demand with the most efficient channel-to-content combinations.

Plan your next steps based on performance data – invest in activities that are proven to drive revenue and utilize InfiniGrow’s forecasting capabilities to identify opportunities to drive more pipeline by changing your marketing plan.

Gain control of your marketing efforts from ideation to revenue, with data on your side.

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