Make better decisions based on data, not guesswork

Reach the goals you’ve defined via the best possible marketing route.
Demonstrate concrete business impact.

Have a full data science team in your pocket

Instantly start managing your budget like a whiz in marketing, finance, and data science.

Capture all activity across user journeys and integrate it with results and cost data – without coding.

Analyze key events, and accurately credit the right marketing drivers.

Get clear answers to tough questions

Quantify the effectiveness and efficiency of each marketing channel, campaign, and content asset.

Control and gain visibility into marketing plans, investments, goals, performance, and data.

Know what to do when marketing veers off course.

Predict and optimize your budget allocations

Act with confidence, knowing that you’re investing in the right channels at the right times.

Predict the outcome of every scenario and identify the best budget allocation for the results that you want.

Hit your KPIs, maximize business impact and prove your value to decision makers.

The marketing solution that Finance, Sales and IT rave about.

Marketing Leader

The Challenge

As a CMO or VP Marketing, the challenges you face can seem huge. In today’s marketing landscape, leading your organization to growth is no easy task.

Your goals are ambitious, but achieving them is a stretch with the limited human and financial resources at your disposal.

With average CMO tenures dropping, you need to stay in control, be agile, and succeed. You need InfiniGrow!

How InfiniGrow Works for You

InfiniGrow gives you the guidance you need to better control your marketing performance. Now you can be the data science and finance expert you’ve always dreamed you could be.

With InfiniGrow as your marketing navigation system, you can define KPIs and reach them in the best possible way.

Predict outcomes of every action, scenario, and suggestion, so you can confidently allocate and – when needed — reallocate your marketing budget.

Avoid funding based on guesswork and herd-driven activity. Transform your marketing organization from a cost center into an investment center by knowing the return on each dollar spent.

Act with confidence, knowing that you’re optimizing your budget by investing in the right channels at the right times.

The Marketing Director

The Challenge

Managing marketing for one or more regions and/or channels is no simple matter, even with a crackerjack team.

You need to oversee each team member’s performance and track the success of marketing activities — all while identifying opportunities to improve and excel.

And, of course, you must allocate tight budgets across regions and channels to ensure that you earn the returns that you need.

How InfiniGrow Works for You

With InfiniGrow guiding your marketing activity, you’ll have time to focus on what you do best – executing the best marketing campaigns, optimizing creative, and delivering results.

Define KPIs and reach them as efficiently as you possibly can. Track plans vs actuals, manage investments and invest in activities that support your objectives.

Say goodbye to endless email threads, silos and communication gaps. Accelerate approvals and get full visibility into team activity. Collaborate on campaigns, then track, report, and analyze them in one central location.

Marketing Operations

The Challenge

As marketing ops, your pivotal role is to align marketing teams, processes and programs. The challenges you face are many and varied: Improving operational efficiencies; selecting and onboarding marketing technologies; and reporting analytics to the CMO.

With so much on your plate, you need to streamline essential reporting that supports the marketing organization and integrate technologies to deliver relevant metrics.

How InfiniGrow Works for You

InfiniGrow, your marketing OS, gives you a clear, centralized view of your data with no coding needed.

As a single source of truth for marketing data, InfiniGrow automates delivery of clear answers to the critical questions marketers ask. Of course, if you want to dig deeper, you can always drill down and query raw data.

InfiniGrow lets you consolidate all relevant marketing and performance data, and integrate online and offline marketing data with business performance metrics. Track each customer journey across all touchpoints, from initial exposure to final payment.

Generate structured standardized profiles that can be queried for meaningful insights.


The Challenge

As a CFO, supporting the marketing organization is part of your job. But for a value-seeking numbers person like you, marketing is a tough sell. It’s hard to measure a nebulous concept like “brand awareness,” and even harder to determine what it is worth. So how can you be sure that your organization is getting value for its marketing spend?

You want to see that marketing’s spending according to plan.

You want to know that it’s advancing business goals.

You want hard proof that marketing is driving real business impact.

How InfiniGrow Works for You

InfiniGrow is the link that’s been missing between marketing and finance.

As a single source of truth for marketing data, InfiniGrow consolidates all relevant marketing and performance data and firmly connects marketing activity to business results.

Now you can align marketing and finance interests by reliably measuring and projecting return on marketing investment using machine-learning models.

Take the stress out of marketing funding by knowing where money is going and to what end. InfiniGrow lets marketing stop spending their budget, and invest it instead.

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