Instantly Go
From Targets to
actionable Insights

Never lose track of your goals. Use AI to uncover optimization opportunities automatically, across all segments.

Introducing insights

InfiniGrow’s AI Insights is your decision-making marketing partner, effortlessly spotting risks and surfacing optimization opportunities that would otherwise take hours to uncover.

Always stay on track

Keep your objectives front and center, and instantly identify risks worth exploring.

From insights to actions

Discover and act on optimizations that’ll improve results for any at-risk metric.

Automated marketing analysis

Save time analyzing your data and dive straight into insights you can actually use.

Every day I can see where we are against our KPIs, and which channels, business segments, campaigns, and content pieces drive the most impact.

Philippe Ruttens
CMO at Tyk

Crush every marketing goal. Learn how:

How InfiniGrow helps you to hit your targets

InfiniGrow leverges AI to give you a clear flow that takes you from risk analysis to an actionable decision that will make a difference.

[Goal Tracking]

Identify risks on time

Track your progress toward achieving your targets. Use off-track indicators across supporting marketing metrics to find risks before you miss the mark.

[Risk Analysis]

Shine a light on your most impactful segments

Instantly uncover the segments where you can really move the needle, without spending hours looking through your data. 

[segment analysis]

Uncover the reason behind every anomaly

Drill down on your high performing segments to find out which segments and segment combination are worth doubling down using advanced segment attribution analysis.