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How Neptune Software Enhanced Efficiency Across All Funnel Stages by 31% with InfiniGrow


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 Neptune Software is an enterprise app development platform that digitizes and optimizes business processes and user interfaces with the help of no-code/low-code. 




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Showing the true impact of any marketing activity / From Fragmented Data to Incomplete Insights

The marketing team of the low-codw/no-code app development platform, Neptune Software had a problem, they struggled to link their marketing efforts to revenue. They invested hours in manual reports but lacked a clear view of how their work impacted the bottom line. Before finding clarity, they faced several challenges –

1. complex CRM structure without a clear way for insights:

Neptune dedicated +6 years building a complex integration between their CRM, marketing automation platform, and other software. Their aim was to centralize data for streamlined analysis. However, the intricacy of this structure, while impressive, unintentionally hindered their ability to dive deep. Asking specific business questions and extracting meaningful insights from their consolidated data became a challenge.

2. Seeing the Details but Missing the Journey:

Neptune’s data on customer account journeys was spread out across platforms. While it was funneled into their Salesforce CRM, it provided only a narrow perspective. Lacking a comprehensive view of how different marketing activities interconnected and influenced revenue, they depended on first-touch attribution and feedback from the sales team to make budget allocation decisions.

3. Hundreds of reports, that don’t show the bigger picture:

When it came to reporting, Neptune’s marketing team generated countless detailed reports, each offering insight into a specific aspect of the story. However, the lack of a centralized way to consolidate the data meant they couldn’t weave everything into one cohesive narrative to effectively demonstrate marketing’s impact on revenue to management.

InfiniGrow gives us predictability. With it, I know that if I spend X, I can anticipate the potential ROI and the returns in MQLs, SQLs, Opps, and Customers.

Claudia Freudenberg
CMO, Neptune Software

Connecting marketing to revenue with InfiniGrow

InfiniGrow’s revenue marketing platform was like a breath of fresh air. Neptune’s team could finally see any account journey within a click, and easily drill down to analyze the business impact of any marketing activity and business segment. InfiniGrow opened the door to new metrics they could track effortlessly, such as conversion rates, velocity, marketing-attributed impact, and ROI. Their reports became more professional, highlighting the ROI and the direct impact of marketing activities on Neptune’s business growth. With InfiniGrow, Neptune gained a clear, data-driven path, empowering them to make better business decisions with confidence.

Data mess – Solved. Marketing efficiency – unlocked

Looking for a way to understand what drives revenue, Neptune found their answer in InfiniGrow — and much more. With InfiniGrow, Neptune knew precisely where to invest to optimize marketing efficiency. This targeted approach resulted in a 36% increase in their YoY bottom-of-the-funnel conversion rates and a 31% increase in marketing efficiency. They didn’t save time on reporting. Instead, the time that might have been “saved” is now redirected towards generating detailed, accurate reports that dig deep into the true drivers of their success.

These reports showcase marketing’s true impact on revenue and guide Neptune in making data-backed decisions that drive results.