How Tyk increased marketing efficiency by 57% using InfiniGrow for Revenue Marketing
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Uniting the marketing team around a pipeline and ABM-based framework

Tyk’s marketing team had simple but hard questions – what is our inbound impact on deals, ARR, and how & where should they invest to generate more customers? 

The questions might seem simple, but how to answer them with predictability isn’t. Before they could show marketing impact on pipeline and revenue, they had to overcome some hurdles:

1. Hundreds of touchpoints, single touch model:

Tyk’s marketing team was using a basic single-touch attribution model to determine their best-performing channels and where to allocate resources. They were looking to optimize sales cycle velocity – but having one touchpoint wasn’t enough to determine what influenced a deal.

2. Account-based marketing, people-based measurement:

Like every B2B company, Tyk’s platform is designed for companies, not individuals, so it made sense for them to have an account-based marketing strategy. Having said that, before InfiniGrow, Tyk’s funnel was contact-based. Reporting on account progress through the funnel became almost impossible, and any changes in the CRM could cause operational headaches.

3. Multiple teams, multiple KPIs:

Each function within the team (Demand Generation, Content, Brand, etc.) performed its own analysis using various data sources. This resulted in spending over 40 hours per month creating and aligning department reports for management and internal usage.

InfiniGrow is my radar, without it I wouldn't be able to make decisions as clearly, as quickly or with the same amount of confidence as I would like to

Philippe Ruttens

InfiniGrow as a single source of marketing truth

InfiniGrow’s revenue marketing platform was the missing piece Tyk was looking for.
The first step was rebuilding Tyk’s marketing funnel in InfiniGrow using account grouping for top-of-the-funnel stages, without making any changes in their CRM. This way, the funnel was able to measure Tyk’s different marketing efforts on the account level, (paid acquisition, events, etc) while focusing on a unified KPI of marketing pipeline and revenue for the Board.

The magic words are: "Increased Efficiency"

Having a unified view of accounts, deals and contacts journeys across all touchpoints and stakeholders helped them identify the initiatives that led to new deals. Tyk’s marketing department’s impact on pipeline increased by 28% by focusing on revenue-driven initiatives in their optimization process, while lowering the cost per deal by over 30%. Tyk is also saving ~40 hours a month by simplifying reporting and data analysis. 

With InfiniGrow on their side, Tyk’s marketing team transformed from focusing on marketing communications to becoming the revenue leaders of the company.