Navigate your marketing in the revenue way.


Revenue Marketing

Turn your B2B marketing team into your company’s leading revenue driver.

Go from 0 to Revenue Marketing and Hit your KPIs with confidence.

Used as a secret sauce of

Leading B2B marketing teams

Empowering every marketer to

Become a revenue leader

See how each and every person on your team impacts, and is expected to impact the bottom line.

Get a 360 view of your growth economics and real ROI, and understand how every marketing activity contributes to generating pipeline & revenue, at what cost, and at what speed.

Clean, connect, and structure online and offline marketing data with business performance metrics to create a single source of truth for your entire marketing organization.

See which channels, campaigns, and content assets drive SQLs, opportunities and eventually revenue.

Transform your marketing team into a revenue marketing machine.

Easy onboarding, short time-to-value

B2B marketing is no longer a shot in the dark

Before InfiniGrow

  • Decision-making based on simplistic analyses and opinions
  • Data silos spread across dozens of different systems
  • Manual budget management using multiple spreadsheets
  • Marketing that can’t prove its value to stakeholders
  • Marketing planning is a yearly, set-and-forget activity

After InfiniGrow

  • Decision making is based on data and analyses aimed to maximize revenue
  • One unified view of all your marketing, sales and financial data
  • Budget & performance management connected to live data
  • Quantify the impact of your marketing efforts with automatic attribution analysis
  • Continuous, iterative marketing planning based on real results and market dynamics

No more guesswork, messy reports, and vanity metrics.