The Revenue Marketing Platform

Unified attribution, forecasting, and budget planning for B2B revenue marketing teams

Introducing Revenue Marketing

Turn your B2B marketing team into your company’s leading revenue driver

Measure 🔎

Use multi-touch attribution to quantify the business impact & ROI of your activities across channels and assets.

Forecast 📈

Predict the outcome of any budget scenario, across all of your different marketing efforts.

Impact 💪

Make faster decisions and hit your KPIs by turning analysis & budget allocation into an iterative process.

No more vanity. No more misalignment. No more guesswork.

Start here 👇

Used as the secret sauce of

Leading B2B revenue marketing teams



Move from outdated spreadsheets and data silos
to a dynamic system that keeps you on track

Revenue Marketers don’t rely on disconnected data and hunches
when it comes to marketing analysis and planning.  

B2B Marketing to Date

Decision-making based on simplistic analyses and opinions

Data silos spread across dozens of different systems

Manual budget management using multiple spreadsheets

Marketing that can’t prove its value to stakeholders

Marketing planning is a yearly, set-and-forget activity

B2B Marketing with InfiniGrow

Decision-making based on automated data analysis

One unified view of all your marketing, sales and financial data

Budget & performance management connected to live data

Quantify the impact of your marketing efforts with automatic attribution analysis

Continuous, iterative marketing planning based on real results and market dynamics

Wave goodbye to guesswork 👋

Know exactly what to do next, at any moment,
to reach your bottom-line objectives.

Complete Visibility into Your Data

Get visibility into your cost/performance data so you know where you stand against your plans and actuals.
Capture all the interactions across customer journeys and connect it with results and costs – no coding needed.
Save time by automating your data collection and reporting.

Quantify the Impact of Your Marketing


Clearly understand and prove marketing’s contribution to the business.

Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of every one of your marketing investments and activities.

Quickly answer any question regarding marketing, whether it’s from the team or any other stakeholder within the org.

Make Data-Driven Investment Decisions

Back up budget requests with hard evidence that will get them approved.
Forecast different budget allocation scenarios and choose the right channels and activities to hit your KPIs
Immediately know what to do with more/less budget or if external factors change.

Short time-to-value

Painless onboarding. Easily connect your tools and data, then let InfiniGrow do the rest.

Connect your CRM, MAP and other marketing tools you use

Unify your buyer journeys and your live marketing, sales and financial data

Clearly understand the cost and impact of every marketing activity and investment

Accurately forecast the results of any budget scenario

Receive ongoing, up-to-date budget allocation suggestions

Confidently hit your goals and KPIs and get the credit you deserve for doing it

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