InfiniGrow + SalesFroce Integration

Stop wasting hours cleaning, sorting, editing, and exporting Salesforce data every time you need to make a marketing decision. 

Turn Salesforce data into marketing data that you can trust and unlock actionable insights.

Salesforce + InfiniGrow = 📈

Complete your Salesforce-based marketing stack with revenue attribution, budget forecasts, and ROI analyses you can actually trust.

Without InfiniGrow

  • Lead and contact processes result in incomplete account-level data and disconnected leads.
  • Unable to analyze how marketing drives pipeline, because Sales do not associate all marketing contacts to new deals.
  • Hours spent cleaning and aligning marketing data for reports, removing duplicates, and updating fields.
  • Can’t measure how Marketing impacts pipeline and revenue.

With InfiniGrow

  • Leads automatically connect to relevant accounts, ensuring every account journey includes all relevant touchpoints.
  • Relevant contacts are automatically associated to deals, attributing every marketing interaction to the deal.
  • Data is report-ready based on Ops automations, and actionable customizable reports are ready out-of-the-box.
  • Know exactly what drives pipeline and revenue, and have the reports to back up every data point.

InfiniGrow has become our single source of marketing truth, and we no longer rely on Salesforce to analyze our data or to create reports

Shani Zakai

All of your marketing data, connected

Merge marketing, sales, and financial data across your entire go-to-market stack into a singular view. Turn SFDC objects to unified customer journeys, and measure the ROI of every marketing activity, both online and offline, across all channels, campaigns, and KPIs.

Customize InfiniGrow to fit your exact needs

Tailor your marketing funnel to align with your company’s business model. Combine leads and contacts into a single stage, mix Hubspot and Salesforce data, create stages from any Salesforce object, and automatically account for skipped transitions without changing a thing in your CRM.

Turn your Salesforce data into insights

Clean Salesforce up, Automatically

InfinGrow provides a library of Ops automations that can turn any Salesforce instance’s data into a marketing treasure trove.

Go from “Our Salesforce is a mess” to “We’ve got the data to back up any marketing decision” without going through months of internal process changes and CRM configuration meetings.