On a journey to bring order to the marketing chaos

What we’re about

At InfiniGrow, we believe that marketers should focus on what they’re doing the best – CREATIVE work. Marketing planning evolves too many dimensions, data points and numbers for a human to handle, and that’s where we come in. We believe that technology, innovation and real data are key players in solving this problem.

As a marketing leader, you have probably been frustrated many times. This can be due to the tedious nature of marketing. We understand that feeling. We understand the stress that comes from the information overload produced by the overwhelming number of available marketing channels. We also know how frustrating it is to seek advice from all of those so-called “marketing experts” without seeing any tangible results, and we understand the difficulty of managing your marketing activities in dynamic markets that never stop changing.

Marketing, as do most things in life, starts with a strategy. However, marketing plans, as we know them today, are a total chaos.

Our mission is to enable marketing leaders to optimally invest their resources across all marketing channels and activities so that they can focus on the execution, and bring their brands to a brighter future. Our Artificial Intelligence Marketing Planning Platform acts as your marketing co-pilot – smarter and more effective than any other professional you’ll find. Stop the guesswork – Grow with InfiniGrow.

Our Values



We make complex things achievable.


We’re all about technology helping people.


We innovate. It’s our fuel. We eat it; we dream about it.


We challenge ourselves to achieve the highest standards.

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