Next Generation
Marketing Attribution.

Bizible tells you what happened. With InfiniGrow, you’ll know what to do next.

Revenue Marketing platform

Unify & Structure

Connect CRM performance and online data to your marketing spend, sales activities, and financial data.

Analyze & Attribute

See which activities drive bottom line results with revenue attribution.


Feed results back into InfiniGrow and invest in the best performing channels, campaigns, and content assets.


Find the optimal budget scenario that reaches your targets, efficiently

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Why InfiniGrow over Bizible?

InfiniGrow is using marketing attribution to analyze your results and forecast future outcomes to provide actionable intelligence and recommendations and ensure you only invest in the best-performing channels to hit your KPIs.

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InfiniGrow Bizible

Attribution Models

Full Journey
multitouch attribution model

Standard attribution models

Reporting & Analysis

Personalized reporting with
actionable insights

Complex reports for self analysis

Budget & Planning

Budget planning and marketing
analysis as one iterative process

Basic planning features

Forecast Marketing impact

Build different budget
scenarios and forecast results

Only analyze past results


Simple setup,
start to get value in two weeks

Complex long setup


Dedicated CSM and online support

Email support

Data updates



Used as a secret sauce of

Leading B2B marketing teams

beyond revenue attribution

InfiniGrow’s Multi-Touch Attribution is the best solution for B2B companies, InfiniGrow goes beyond attribution, giving you the ability to completely change how you do Marketing.


Know what actually works

Optimize your marketing efforts and drive more revenue by understanding the full impact of every marketing activity.


Always have the answers when the
CFO comes knocking

Upload your full marketing plan (including advertising, freelance, tools, etc.) and it will automatically sync to your live results throughout your funnel. Know whether you over or under pacing  at any given time.


Win the “What if” game

Build your marketing plan based on forecasted results, know what will happen if you change the budget for each channel and invest in channels that will drive the most impact.


See how marketing really
influences every sale!

Get the credit with data on your side – show the full story behind every prospect or account, from first touch to renewal, across online and offline channels, campaigns and content pieces.


A dream come true for
marketing operations

Structure your data across your entire marketing stack and transform the data mess into meaningful insights. You’ll never have to worry about broken UTMs or unmatched leads.

What are you waiting for?

With InfiniGrow, you can structure your data across your entire marketing stack, measure the business impact and ROI of every marketing activity across channels and content assets, and find the best budget scenario to help you reach your goals.