Go beyond
Marketing Attribution.

Attribution platforms tell you what happened. With InfiniGrow, you’ll know what to do next.

Why InfiniGrow over an attribution platform?

Attribution platforms tell you how your marketing campaigns have affected your revenue. That’s it. 

Content ROI analysis? Can’t do that. Need to understand if your current plan is going to reach your yearly target? Nope. All you can do is analyze how your past campaigns impact revenue.

With InfiniGrow, you’ll connect your entire marketing budget to revenue impact. As a result, you’ll see the ROI of every channel, campaign, and content asset – not just ad platforms. You’ll also be able to forecast future results, to answer questions that can’t be answered with a traditional attribution tool, like “will I reach my revenue targets by the end of the year?” and “Where should I invest to reach my goals?”.

Other Attribution Platforms

  • Utilize standard attribution models
  • Provide complex reports for self-analysis
  • Attribution analysis of past results only
  • ROI analysis only for integrated channels
  • Complex, long setup


  • Utilizes AI-driven smart attribution models
  • Get recommendations from automatic analysis
  • Attribution and budget planning optimization
  • ROI analysis of every marketing effort
  • Simple setup, short time-to-value

What can InfiniGrow
do for you?

Used as a secret sauce of

Leading B2B marketing teams

Centralize your data

Never worry about a broken UTM or an unmatched lead ever again. Clean, connect and consolidate all of your marketing, sales, and financial data.

  • Connect your CRM, marketing automation and all the other tools in your marketing stack.
  • Unify your cost and performance data into one, centralized view.
  • Get real-time visibility into your marketing plans, investments, performance and goals.

Know how marketing impacts results

Measure the business impact and ROI of your activities across channels and assets with data-driven multi-touch attribution.

  • Uncover the exact impact of any activity or investment across channels and KPIs, using advanced multi-touch attribution analysis.
  • Quantify the effectiveness and efficiency of each channel, campaign, and content piece.
  • Show bottom-line business return on marketing investments.

Plan your marketing based on data

Find out if you’re on track to hit your KPIs by predicting the outcomes of different budget allocations, across all your marketing efforts.

  • Forecast the results of any budget scenario and build the most effective marketing plan.
  • Adjust your plan on the fly when data indicates that results can be improved.
  • Turn your marketing organization from a cost center into an investment center.

Optimize your marketing budget allocation

React quickly and make faster decisions by turning marketing analysis and budget planning into a single, iterative process.

  • Get AI-generated recommendations about where to allocate your budget to maximize results.
  • Benchmark your performance against your goals and know what to do to reach them.
  • Explore new channel opportunities and get guidance on reallocating budgets across new and existing channels.

Connect, clean, and map

All your marketing data with a few clicks