Say goodbye to "garbage in, garbage out"

Feed your B2B Marketing team with impactful insights from dependable data

"Which attribution model should I use?"
If your data is đź’©, who cares?..

Without clean, trustworthy data, even the ‘best’ attribution model is unreliable. Whether it’s Self-reported, Multi-touch, AI-driven, gathering insights starts with usable data.

InfiniGrow automates your data-cleaning grind, leaving you with nothing but insights.

Let InfiniGrow turn your data into gold

Put Marketing Ops on Autopilot

Overcome the limitations of traditional analysis solutions. InfiniGrow automatically cleans and structures your CRM data, allowing you to zero in on meaningful insights.

Centralize Data

Consolidate all online and offline marketing data, costs, and business outcomes, for comprehensive reporting, analysis, and budget planning in one place.

Control Touchpoints

Map touchpoints to channels and manage timestamps to show what really happened in each account journey.

Group Multi-Channel Campaigns

Group different activities into a single view of cost and performance, to analyze impact and ROI across channels.

Customize the Marketing Funnel

Tailor your marketing funnel to align with your company’s unique needs. Add lifecycle stages, group stages by contacts, deals or accounts, and automatically account for skipped transitions & reconversions without changing a thing in your CRM.

Unify Lead Sources, UTMs, and Campaigns

Connect multiple lead sources, UTMs, and campaigns under a single, unified channel – even retroactively.

Fine-Tune Attribution

Choose which channels and departments get credit, and control weights, to better represent the impact of each individual touchpoint.

Manage CRM Objects

Add an additional layer of accuracy to your CRM. Link orphan leads and custom objects to deals and accounts, deduplicate records and enrich accounts and deals.

Track the Middle

Log CRM value changes to move beyond original source and the latest one to track the entire account journey.

And more! See all the ways in which we automate your Ops processes

Unlock the True Potential of Your Marketing team

Apply your, unified, clean accurate data for reporting, analysis, and forecasting.
Give your marketing team a “Google Maps” for revenue targets.


Save time on gathering, cleaning and aligning your data on creating reports.

Level up the Marketing team performance with personalized dashboards for each team member and purpose.


Ensure every data point is precise and is analysis ready.

Uncover the exact impact of any activity or investment across different channels and KPIs.


Have every data points needed for accurate and automatic forecasting.

Keep the Marketing department on track to reach their revenue goals while constantly optimizing budget decisions.

The secret sauce of top B2B marketing teams

Leading B2B marketing teams

Take the hassle out of Marketing Operations

No longer flying in the dark. the ability to not just attribute the impact of our spend but to plan efficiently is a fundamental game-changer in Marketing.
The ROI is too good to miss.

Scott Leatherman
CMO at Virtana

InfiniGrow saves us lots of time by automating our reporting and data analysis. The visibility it provides us is incredibly valuable. Now we can clearly understand how marketing contributes to the business.

Ramel Levin
CEO at Global Surveyz

InfiniGrow’s solution enables marketing teams to easily and smartly allocate budget using AI-driven recommendations, and to maximize performance thanks to an optimized marketing plan.

Efrat Ravid
CMO at Quantum Metric

Using InfiniGrow’s multi-touch attribution capabilities for analyzing campaigns and journeys and its budget planning environment, I was able to significantly reduce my budget without hurting my results.

Aviv Canaani
VP Marketing at Workiz

InfiniGrow provides out-of-the-box integrations and insights that help us streamline our marketing and sales processes, clearly understand what to do next, and always know we’re on track to hit our goals.

Yaniv Nava
Head of Paid Acquisition at Papaya Global

InfiniGrow accurately analyzes our customer journeys, making it easy for us to see how our channels and content created pipeline and revenue.

Giulia Marinelli
Marketing Strategy & Insights Lead at VirtualGym

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